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Welcome to Hide London UK

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Our Story

“Growing up in one of the oldest open leather markets in Kolkata, Brisul Haat, fondly called Joota Bazaar locally, has been more than home…With this deep love of leather, it would be a sinful betrayal of childhood to not carry it with me across continents to London in 2009,” says Romeo.

Hide London Ltd was incorporated in the year 2017 with the idea of bringing affordable luxury to patrons of leather like you, and in a very short span, has grown into a design and manufacturing house at the behest of the innovative designs and expert craftsmanship of our products.

Our Services

Hide London UK works as a democratic model in the world of fashion. Being a solution-oriented company, we are proficient in creating a balance . We work extensively, both on creative aspect and practical feasibility of any project in hand.

Working closely with our client means that we transform your designs into a very first prototype or sample. Our years of expertise and highly skilled craftsmen in our team can turn your sketches and ideas into a finished products.

Bespoke Bags and Accessories in Leather and Canvas

We specialize in making high-quality bespoke Leather and Waxed Canvas Bags and Accessories to any specification. Our Product Line includes:

  1. Wallet, Card Holder, Purse, Passport cover, Keyrings for Men and Women
  2. Handbags, Messenger Bag, Sling Bag, Portfolio Bags, Backpacks, Maternity Bags
  3. File-Folder, Clutch bags, Pouches, Laptop bags, Tablet Sleeves, Toiletry Bag

Visit our Products page to know more.

Design Consultation Services

Love our Designs? So do all of our clients! We provide exclusive Designing Services to prepare Mock Ups for you product, free up to 2 designs if you order for 5. What’s more? If you love our designs, and get the products manufactured by us, your designs are yours to keep, free of charge! Also, any future design improvements in your existing product with us, is also provided free of charge.

Book an Appointment today to know more.

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Clutch Bags

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Travel Journal

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Duffle Bags
(Vintage Brown)

How can Hide London help you?

Design Your Own Products

At Hide London UK, we let you design your own products which sets your Brand apart. And yes, you own your Designs, for ever. Promise. Book an Appointment right now!

Free Consultation & Free Designing

In case you want a frills-free, ready made product, we are happy to undertake the Designing responsibility on your behalf, completely free of cost. Learn more in the FAQs section.

Low, economic MOQ production

We promise is to provide you the most economic and efficient MOQ options for your favourite piece of leather product. Check the Corporate Section for more details

Local UK Representative

You have your local, friendly next-door representative right there in UK to assist you in the Project! Check in the Contact Section for details.

Customize your packaging

Even the most beautiful design wouldn’t suffice if your product is not packed well. At Hide London UK, you design your own packaging which sets your Brand apart. Book an Appointment right now!

Payment Facility in local UK Bank Account

We have our representatives across the globe. And the United Kingdom is no exception. We provide payment facilities in our local UK Bank Account to help you save transaction costs!

Prototype / Sample Before Ordering

Every design shall first be made available to you in a prototype edition for your review before being put into the main Production Process. Learn more in the FAQs section.

Competitive Pricing to suit your Target Price

The Hide London promise of most “Efficient Operations” and “No Hidden Costs” is certain to to help you manage your costs. Book an Appointment to talk to one of our representatives.

Discuss your Project over a Cup of Coffee

Call us for a discussion over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and we’ll never say never. Our representatives just love their coffee! And we bet, you’ll love us as well! Book an Appointment right now!

Last-mile Door to Door Delivery Promise

Book your order from the comfort of your home / office and have it delivered right at your doorstep! At the most economical shipping rates. Contact Us to find out the Shipping costs applicable to you.

Loved by Many

We begun our journey with Hide London and Romeo since the summer of 2021 for our merchandising and have looked back since. Any start-up looking for merchandising collaboration, Romeo is the guy!

Payel Banerjee
Founder & Curator, pickledpoetrytalkies.com

We found Hide London from one of our clients and since then, it has been our preferred merchandise partner since Fall’19. Mr. Mazumder has been our trusted go-to person for our co-creations as well. His experience, in-depth knowledge and innovative designs are something you must try. Often we went through various design modifications and he has been a patient artist with us. His products are of impeccable quality!

Co-Creator, P!xl Purrfect

Best-in-class Quality. Add to that the expertise of Mr. Mazumder. Great experience working with him.

Kristin Foster
Open chat