The Hide London Story

Leather. London. Love

There goes an old saying, a well-tanned leather must remind you of smelling a good wine. You should be able to bask in the same warmth, assurance and elegance. The wonderful aroma emanating from natural tannin often defies verbal comprehension.

Photo by <a href="">Mega Caesaria</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

The Beginning

Growing up in one of the oldest open leather markets in Kolkata, Brisul Haat, fondly called Joota Bazaar locally, has been more than home. It has been the unyielding spirit of Hide London UK.

The evolving cityscape of Kolkata could do less to affect the old charm that this century old market exudes. It continues to remain thickly traded, right from the wee hours of the morning, with the buzz of customers who continue to patronize the Bazaar faithfully, unperturbed by the invasion of shopping malls. Joota Bazaar, the largest leather hub in the world, has a relentless spirit of its own. A spirit that is passionately accepting of its customers, irrespective of how happy their pockets are. A mere trip down the lane of haggling traders, resplendent array of leather products at prices that surprise and the air thick with the reassuring waft of leather, is any Leather Lover’s dream come true. If your travel itinerary doesn’t feature this Old Kolkata Beauty, allow us to say, you are missing out on a jewel.

With this deep love of leather, it would be a sinful betrayal of childhood to not carry it with me across continents to London in 2009. It was agonizing to gather that an eco-friendly natural product like leather, found buttress in solely affluent clientele, compelling consumerism of cheap alternatives like – Faux Leather, Rexine, PU and Plastic; which in spite of being affordable, are chemically processed, non-biodegradable and needless to add, hazardous to global sustainability.

So, Hide London Ltd was incorporated in the year 2017 with the idea of bringing affordable luxury to patrons of leather like you, and in a very short span, has grown into a design and manufacturing house at the behest of the innovative designs and expert craftsmanship of our products.

Even with the emergence of petrochemical based alternatives, big corporate brands and swelling production costs, the leather industry has flourished beyond brands and consumer classes. And we have ensured on our part that every pocket can afford something here.

We do not and will not ever make our customers pay for anything but what they buy. Our customers are not ever required to pay for our overseas manufacturers meets, our flight fares, our hotel accommodations, expensive packaging, expensive promotions and marketing, advertising strategies and excessive profit margins.

We are good preachers. We practice what we preach. We believe that quality has a voice of its own. A voice that gets better with time. We hence have decided to cast aside the unnecessary paraphernalia of marketing and decided to focus primarily on making you happy as you carry pieces of our exquisite affordable luxuries home.

We serve. You decide. Our vision is hence a product of our consistent fascination with leather. It is just that simple and sweet.

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