Corporate Supplies

Our expertise in Corporate Solutions are what success stories are really made of.

Corporate Orders

Leather is for Life. Just the way Business Relationships should be! If you are looking to help your brand make a lasting impression, Hide London UK is at your service. Our expertise in B2B make-to-order mechanism is designed exactly for businesses involved in the retail trade of Leather or Canvas Goods and Accessories. We provide Branding Solutions so that you get to put your brand embossed, engraved or printed on the best quality products you source from us, thus relieving you of the last minute detailing and added related costs! What more you ask? Well, try our super customizable Packaging Solutions that give the right value addition your product deserves. Our customer-friendly MOQs are designed in the way that allows both you and us the best economies of scale for our trade. Check our Products page to know more.

Branding Solutions

If you are looking to customize your product with your company’s logo or initials, you are looking at just the right space! We understand how important branding is for you as a business which is why we offer a variety of branding options to choose from. Check out our Customized Branding Services page to know more.

Customized Packaging

At Hide London UK, we help you find the right balance of Power Packaging by keeping things simple yet classy. We believe a product’s packaging must solve two purposes – One, provide the right amount of protection – keeping your product safe and secure; and Two, build on your product value. If you are looking for corporate solutions, trust us when we say your packaging matters more than your product itself. We offer customized packaging solutions based on your request and as per your products needs. Click here to know more.

Design Services

Behind every unique product we sell, is a tale of tradition, beauty and quality. Each product that goes out of our factory carries within itself the inestimable wealth of know-how and mastery accrued over decades of practice and dedication of our highly qualified craftsmen. In addition to them, we have the luxury of a curated Design Team that not only keeps conceptualizing over contemporary tastes and preferences of our customer base but also collaborates with our distinguished customers to co-create designs that enable us bring your dreams into reality. Book an Appointment and our team shall get in touch with you.

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