Customized Branding Solutions

We understand your business. And that’s why we work behind the scenes while you get to focus on your business. All the time.

We provide solutions to B2C retailers to Corporate Customers looking for Corporate Gifting options. Be it gold embossing their logo or embroidering their loved one’s initials. Some oh-so-boring stats say, 67% of our customers get their products embossed and 20% get it laser printed. Don’t worry, if you want yours someway different, we still got you covered. Hide London’s Customer First Policy ensures we design and manufacture products where you can add your own customization to the product. Be it Embossing, Engraving, Embroidering or Printing. We do it all!

We offer a one-on-one service which allows you to curate the best leather for your corporate gifts for any occasion. We can position your company emblem onto our products – providing gifts which are unique to you, all, in a range of colors and sizes.

Why Customize?

A leather product maintained with due care lasts for a lifetime. An option to personalize a leather good is either to generally ensure that it is another embodiment of your beautiful self or to create a brand value. It is the final cut, right before we dispatch “your” leather love in our best-in-class packaging solutions. A duffle bag, a wallet or a journal with your stamped initials adds a notch higher to the enigma to carry.


For embossing, we either use a Classic Hot Stamping Method which leaves an age-old imprint on the material or a All-in-One Embossing Machine as per your request. While the Classic Method gives a natural feel in its minor imperfections, the Machine Stamped Leather gives the ultimate suave look at the most economical price. Usually, we get requests for a set of initials to be stamped into the leather, however, important quotes or dates are not out of vogue as of now!

  • Blind :  Best suited to ones with a discrete yet traditional choice
  • Gold : Best suited for dark chocolate brown or chestnut tan leathers
  • Silver : Best suited with our black leather collection


For engraving, the techniques include Hand Engraving, Laser Engraving and even using a Dremel tool, resulting in the leather taking on numerous appearances depending on the method used to engrave the material. Want something that is rustic and appealing at the same time? We suggest our engraving solutions.


Still considered a difficult craft by many, this intricate customization comes a premium and yet, is worth every penny! Our advise – gift yourself one to know why? Our craftsmen have mastered this art and ever since, these handcrafted pieces of beauty have been one of our bestsellers till date. Embroidered Leather beats out the general monotone or duo-tones of brown, black or red with a style statement of its own.

Foil Stamping

Easy and Cost-effective, Foil Stamping has been the go-to approach for branding of Leather and Canvas goods given its capability to be used on multiple surfaces and more importantly, capability to produce repetitive designs – intricate and simple on a leather or canvas surface at a very fast pace using very simple machines. We advise the use of foiling on uncured/untreated leather for longer lasting imprints.

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